Digital Evolution -Transformation in the Telecommunications Sector


Digital Evolution Strategy - B2B2C


Claro Colombia


2022 - to date

Claro is a Mexican telecommunications, entertainment, cloud services, streaming and e-commerce conglomerate operating in Latin America, owned by the Mexican company América Móvil

Success in B2B2C E-Commerce: Transformation in the Telecommunications Industry

In an increasingly digitalized business landscape, the adoption of innovative strategies becomes essential to stay ahead of the curve. This is the case of Claro Colombia, a leading company in the telecommunications sector that has achieved exceptional success with its B2B2C e-commerce project “Digital Evolution”.

Initial Challenge: Digital Transformation in the Telecom Sector

Before the implementation of the project, our client was faced with the challenges inherent to a highly competitive and constantly evolving market. The need to simplify and accelerate acquisition processes, together with the demand for a smoother user experience, were the catalysts behind their digital transformation initiative.

Innovative Solution: Integrated B2B2C Platform

The company decided to bet on a B2B2C e-commerce platform that would cover the entire value chain, from suppliers to end consumers. The key to success lay in the integration of robust systems that allowed a smooth transition from traditional processes to a digitized environment.

Associate Onboarding: Fundamental Pillar

One of the crucial aspects for the success of the project was the effective onboarding of the associates. An intuitive and personalized process was implemented that allowed business partners to quickly integrate with the platform, taking full advantage of all available tools and resources. Ongoing training and specialized technical support ensured a smooth transition.

Exceptional Results: Sustained Increase in Billing

With the B2B2C platform fully operational, our client experienced a sustained increase in billing through this channel. Transaction agility, improved visibility and optimization of business processes had a positive impact on profitability and operational efficiency.

Additional Benefits: Customer Loyalty and Continuous Adaptability

The adaptability of the platform has allowed the company to stay ahead of market trends. In addition, direct interaction with end customers has strengthened brand loyalty, thanks to a personalized shopping experience and the offer of innovative services.

Conclusions: A Model to Follow in the Sector

This success story demonstrates that digital transformation, driven by a well-executed B2B2C approach, can be a catalyst for growth in the telecommunications sector. The combination of effective onboarding, a technologically advanced platform and continuous attention to market needs have made our client a leader in the industry.

Future Perspectives: Continuous Innovation and Expansion

Looking to the future, Claro Colombia plans to continue innovating and expanding its presence in e-commerce. With technology as an ally, they are prepared to face changing market challenges and continue to lead the digital transformation in the telecommunications sector. This success story is a testament to the strategic vision and effective execution that can propel a company to new horizons in the digital age.

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