Transforming Traditional Success into a Digital Future: Success Story with Crystal


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Crystal is a prominent Colombian company that has more than 250 stores in Colombia and has a presence in 13 countries in the Americas. With five exclusive brands: Gef, Punto Blanco, Baby Fresh, Galax and Casino, and six high-performance manufacturing plants, it consolidates its position as industry leaders.

Crystal, the Colombian company with more than 250 stores and a presence in 13 countries, faced the challenge of adapting to the digital era without compromising its consolidated success. With five leading brands and six manufacturing plants, they required an e-commerce solution that will reflect their excellence.

Elevating the Crystal Experience to the 21st Century

We implemented an innovative technological platform, uniting the Gef, Punto Blanco, Baby Fresh, Galax and Casino brands in a coherent digital environment. From optimized navigation to efficient operations management, the solution not only met but exceeded expectations. We managed not only to bring Crystal to the digital world, but also to enhance its strategy with state-of-the-art tools.

Changing the Game: Crystal Builds Digital Success

The successful implementation of e-commerce not only modernized Crystal's digital presence but also boosted its results. With agile online transactions and a personalized user experience, Crystal now leads the industry not only in the traditional field but also in the digital field. This success story highlights Crystal's ability to adapt, demonstrating that tradition and innovation can coexist, opening new horizons for e-commerce in the region.

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